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Welcome anglers to our saltwater and freshwater fishing charters and fishing guides directory for world wide fishing regions. Anglers, sportsmen, lady anglers, and all fishing seekers are welcome to browse the directory for a charter fishing or guided fishing service for your hometown or your next vacation spot. Although we are a newly listed fishing site we will be adding as many charter and guide services for as many worldwide regions as possible. So check back frequently to find your next fishing charter.

If you are new to fishing and you are about to embark on your first sportfishing trip or offshore big game fishing excursion then prepare yourself to quickly become addicted. Because you are about to experience an adventure like no other with action in massive quantities. It isn't just catching one fish that makes the experience so thrilling. It is everything from the time you leave the dock to the time you are actually fishing to when you arrive back at the dock. it is like a ritual that you will be wanting to do again and again and again.

You could be in Alaska halibut fishing or in Florida for some Fort Lauderdale fishing. But where ever you are, Lake Erie fishing or Fort Lauderdale fishing it all starts as you leave the dock and head out on the early morning water that hopefully is just as smooth as a newborn baby's butt. You don't have to be ocean going either, a lake or reservoir can deliver the very same adventure and pleasure. You take in all the beauty of the lake or ocean, the birds and other wildlife. The sounds, the smells, and the visual stimulation can be almost magical especially when you experience along with the great anticipation of catching a big gamefish. See how eciting this sounds already and you have yet to wet a line.

When you finally arrive at the fishing spot is when things start to really get interesting. Your fishing guide or the charter boat's first mate will be setting everything up, getting all the rods in place so you can catch a fish. When a strike finally happens on a big game sport fishing trip the mate will hook the fish, put you in the fighting chair and transfer the rod n reel over to you. Now is when you are about to become addicted to fishing. You could be hooked up to any one of a number of hard fight exciting species. It could be a big tuna, maybe a dolphin, or possibly the king of the ocean, a big blue marlin. If you do happen to get hooked up to a blue marlin then you are in for a fight, a challenge of a lifetime. It's human against nature's best, most fierce marine species and you are about to take him on one on one!

Now you see why some of us, possibly people very close to you or right in your own family seem to be so obsessed with this fishing thing. Now you see why we spend our money on gear, tackle, boats, and other things you could never understand. Now you are in the same boat as the rest of us seasoned anglers and you can understand that fishing is much more than just something to do. That it really is a sport and an adventure, and a very addictive one too.

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